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Although he acknowledges there is only a moderate demand for software developers in Namibia, Edge Technology solutions web developer Jason Du Plessis says most companies are starting to digitise and move to cloud based platforms, “As software developers. we are given a great opportunity to start developing
the solutions for the future,” he says, His job requires developing mobile, web and desktop applications with support from team members. Du Plessis role includes supervising tasks, undertaking peer reviews of team mates, and working towards ensuring that the quality of the company’s work is always of the highest standard.
He believes that the team he works with comprises of powerful individuals who each bring their own unique perspective to the development space. “Software development gives me the opportunity to learn about people from diverse backgrounds. and in
doing so, I work on finding the solutions faced by them.” he said.

Working towards a goal

Du Plessis completed high school at Erundu Combined School in Oshakati in 2016. He then moved to Windhoek to pursue a degree in computer science at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) and specialised In software development, After graduating. he pursued his first internship at Estate App at FabLab at Nust. Thereafter, he moved to iMarketing Consultants as an intern web developer and then joined the team at Edge in December 2020,

Du Plessis describes his work routine: “My day at the office starts with making a cup of coffee before I open my emails. I Follow up to complete tasks from the previous day and Immediately start with what needs to be done today” By the end of the day. he would have made notes of things to be done the following day. Du Plessis says this helps him stay organised and gives him the ability to be more productive. At any time during the day, he is ready to receive calls from clients to troubleshoot issues and ensure that they can get back to work if there are any problems.

Future plans

Based on a personal five-year plan, Du Plessis says he would like to pursue a law degree. “I would really like to go into
cyber law and possibly work to develop policies and guidelines to help Namibia build towards a more robust and conducive IT economy.” Sharing motivation for those who would like to venture into this career. he says: ” You need to fully understand
what you are doing. Obtaining certificates, diplomas, and degrees doesn’t help much if you are not learning. Also, apply yourself and be patient, your time will come if you stay focused.”