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Swift is a programming language that was developed by Apple Inc. in 2014 and boasts several features that make it easier to work with when compared to its predecessor (Objective-C), including automatic memory management, string interpolation, and support for Unicode characters.

Developing in Swift has been a trend for many years now and is the most popular programming language among developers. It has also become quite gainful to learn.

SwiftUI, one of Apple’s Swift frameworks, is becoming more and more widespread. This framework helps developers create intuitive user interfaces easily in Swift. Vapor, a tool that simplifies web development, has also been on the rise since its release – some more on this in our next post.

The SwiftUI framework was introduced at WWDC18, and it has been gaining popularity ever since. SwiftUI takes advantage of new features like auto layout, accessibility, constraints and animations that were introduced with iOS 11.

Swift is the fastest-growing programming language in the world. It has been developed by Apple and is used for developing iOS apps & cross-platform applications.

SwiftUI is a user interface library for Swift that makes it easy to create beautiful, responsive interfaces. It’s built on Apple’s new Swift programming language and the Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Developers have been using Swift as the go-to language for iOS development since its release, but now they are beginning to shift to SwiftUI and Vapor as the preferred frameworks for developing native iOS apps.

Here are some of the many advantages to using SwiftUI or Vapor when developing native iOS apps:

  1. increased speed with less code;
  2. easier transition from web development;
  3. improved app performance and interactivity;
  4. simplified API integration;
  5. and less dependency on third-party libraries.

Check out this video on how you can set up AdminLTE to work in a vapor project!

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